Miscellaneous New Buffalo Information
NOTE:  This information has been obtained in random searches.
It may or may not be of any particular relevance. However, I felt
it was important enough to include so you can decide for yourself.
If you can verify connections between this information and that
within the other pages, please let us know so we may classify it
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Bowles, Ira Albert, born 11/11/1884 in NB. died 5/26/1951. Married Bonnie Kelley in 1904 in NB. His parents are Isaac Bowles and Mary Mae Livisa Spangle who were married 8/16/1883 in NB.
Flora Bowles married Thomas Davis on 12/31/1889 in Niles, MI.

Chandler, Joseph, born 10/14/1788 in Mason New Hampshire. Died 12/13/1853 in NB. Married Nancy Phillips on 4/14/1814 in Sempronious, NY. His parents are Jonathan Chandler and Rachael Wilson.

Cohoe, Ralph K., born 1/10/1880 in NB. Died 12/4/1953 in NB. Married Fannie L. Parker on 9/30/1913 in NB. His parents are Job Cohoe and Jane R. Kelsey.

Koho (possibly Cohoe?), Anna, born 3/13/1881 in NB. Father: Joseph, Mother: Jennie

McCoy, Mary Almira, born 2/29/1848 in NB. Died 1/29/1930 in West Des Moines, Polk Co., IA. Married ? on 10/20/1867 in Montezuma, Poweshiek, IA. Her parents are Andrew Jackson McCoy and Elizabeth Metz

Dalrymple, Archibold M., born 9/15/1835 in Olive Twp, St. Joe, IN. Died 2/5/1920 in NB. Married Eliza Ann Valentine on 9/20/1863 in NB. His parents are David Dalrymple and Sarah Ann Ranstead.

Davison, Etta Lucinda, born 4/2/1882 in NB. Died 6/25/1976 in NB. Married ? on 4/7/1900. Her parents are Vinson Edgar Davison and Lucy Rebekah Dostie.

Edinger, Jennie Louise, born 3/26/1884 in Stevensville, Berrien Co., MI. Died 3/23/1954 in Mid Lothian, IN, Married ? on 11/17/1909 in NB. Her parents are Philip Francisco Edinger and Augusta Schoents.

Fenton, Charles Llewellyn, born 2/2/1857 in New Carlisle, St. Joe Co., IN. Died 12/12/1933 in Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA. Married Ella Rachael Sipe on 7/4/1881 in NB. His parents are Peter Olney Fenton and Matilda Jewel.

Goodenough, Christopher, born 5/14/1881 in Galien, Berrien Co., MI. Died 1/5/1975 in NB. Married Jessie Holman. His parents are Alonzo Goodenough and Margaret Heckathorn.

Gotto, Grace Ruth, born 8/27/1910 in NB. Died 1/19/1978. Her parents are William Mathias Gotto and Jennie Louise Edinger. They also had a daughter, Margaret Augusta Gotto, born 3/22/1912 in NB. She married  Schuyler Colfax Beck on 11/17/1933 in Michigan City, IN. William and Jennie had a son, Peter Mathias Gotto, born 1/29/1917 in Springfield Twp, LaPorte, IN. He married Alice Mae Lauer on 6/24/1944 in Michigan City, IN.
William Mathias Gotto and Jennie Louise Edinger were married on 11/17/1909 in NB.
Anna Gotto married Frederick Siegmund on 12/20/1874 in Berrien Co.
Catherina Gotto married Leonard Siegmund on 5/21/1890 in NB.
Henrietta Gotto married Joseph Peter Marx on 7/26/1915 in NB.

Also, many Gotto records in LaPorte, LaPorte Co., IN
Mathias Gotto married Mary Ahlgrim in LaPorte, IN in 1880. They had the following children:
Grace Gotto, born 7/12/1881,  Henrietta Gotto, born 3/12/1887,  Mary Caroline, born 10/9/1896, William Frederick Gotto, born 7/25/1882. All children were born in Springfield Twp, LaPorte Co., IN.
Mathias Gotto (same Mathias?) married Anna Weidenman on 11/11/1897 in LaPorte, IN. They had a daughter, Angeline Gotto born July, 1904 in Springfield Twp, LaPorte, IN. An Angeline Gotto married Fred Viktor Linberg in 1923, Crown Point, Lake Co., IN.
Other records:
Mary Magdalena Goot m. John Butler on 9/23/1898 in Michigan City, IN.
Mary Caroline Gotto married Gilbert Ernst Linberg on 6/14/1918 in LaPorte, IN.
Clemens Gotto married Minnie Simon on 11/21/1877 in LaPorte, IN.  They had a son Clemens Orphie Gotto born 2/17/1882 in LaPorte, IN. They had a daughter Lulu born Oct, 1879 in LaPorte, IN.

Highley, Constantine James, born 1/12/1855 of Hooker, Texas or Hooker, Texas, OK. Died 7/22/1945 in Hooker. Married Emma Jane Couchman of NB on 3/20/1877. His parents are Wrcstr Highley and Rebecca Syers. (Not sure if this is New Buffalo, MI or not)

Hoard, Lydia Ann, born 3/1/1849 in Wanatah, Laporte Co., IN. Died 3/8/1911 in Claremore, Rogers Co., OK. Married ? on 12/25/1866 in NB. Her parents are William Hoard and Martha Wightman.

Ledyard, David, born 1842 in NB. Parents not listed
Ledyard, Franklin, married Catharine Ott on 4/9/1866 in Berrien Co.
Ledyard, Jane Amelia, born 4/23/1845 in NB. Father: Samuel, Mother: Amelia Ferris
Ledyard, James, married Catharine Emlioden 10/4/1873 in Berrien Co.

Maudlin, Anna, born 8/5/1820 in West Grove, Wayne Co., IN. Died 5/13/1885 in NB. Married ? on 10/20/1844. Her parents are Benjamin Maudlin and Leah Copeland.

Metz, Isaac, born 6/9/1826 in German Twp, Darke Co., OH.  Died ?. Married Elizabeth Caroline Rowley on 11/1858 in NB. His parents are Emanuel Metz and Elizabeth Abigail Judy.

Phelps, Collins, born 8/8/1821 in Smithfield, Fayette Co., PA. Died 12/16/1898. Married ? on 11/24/1849 in NB. His parents are John Phelps and Phebe Smith.

Phelps, Edward L., born 9/11/1860 in NB. Married 4/4/1883. Parents: Collins Phelps and Almira J. Barnes

Phelps, Maria, born 12/23/1850 in NB. Married Lewis Dick on 3/6/1872. Parents: Collins Phelps and Almire J. Barnes.

Phelps, Charles, married Frances Ledyard on 7/18/1886 in NB.

Putman, Charles Francis, born 2/23/1851 in Wilmington, Will Co., IL. Died 10/9/1912 by accidental death in Racine, Racine Co., WI. Married Helen Mars Mcelvain on 1/5/1869 in NB. His parents are Hiram Bingham Putman and Eliza Ann Walrath

Showerman, Harry Hiram, born 2/22/1862 in Brookfield, Waukesha Co., WI. Died 4/29/1936 in Walla Walla, WA. Married Grace Darling Robinson on 5/15/1880 in NB. His parents are Hiram Showerman and Ellen A. Parker

Sieb (?) Frank, Franz, Anton ??, born 2/3/1867 in Luthera, Waterloo, WI. Died 12/22/1934 in Gary, IN. Married Isabell Kruger on 11/1887 in NB. His parents are Jacob, Fredrick or Friedrich Sieb and Elizabeth Knoller or Knollar, or Kneller.

Sipe, Ella Rachael, born 12/16/1862 in Monterey, Highland, VA. Died 10/18/1958 in Phoenix, Jackson Co., OR. Married ? on 7/4/1881 in NB. Her parents are John E. Sipe and Mary Ann Hull.

Spading, Frank, born 3/7/1871 in NB. Died 2/28/1957 in Zumbrota, Goodhue, MN. Married Inez May Fletcher in 1895 in Wheaton, Traverse, MN. His parents are Theodore Spading and Fredericka Wilhelmina Zorn.

Eliza Ann Valentine, born 6/2/1842 in Ohio. Died 8/2/1913 in Bertrand Twp, Berrien Co., MI.  Married Archibold M Dalrymple on 9/20/1863 in NB. her parents are John Valentine and Julia Grove.

Webster, Thomas Stillson, born 12/27/1820 in Camillus, Onondaga, NY. Died 1/31/1899 in NB. Married Anna Maudlin on 10/20/1844 in NB. His parents are Samuel Holton Webster and Betsey Stillson.

Whittaker, Wessel, born 12/26/1798 in Albany Co., NY. Died 1/8/1841 in NB. Married Polly Pierce in 1825 in Buffalo, NY.

Williams, Mary Jane, born 2/10/1832 in Wayne Co., IN. Died 2/5/1916. Married Oliver W. Barnard on 3/4/1850 in NB. Her parents are Jonathan Williams and Jane Lennington.

Crawford, Charles Morris, born 7/19/1850 in Tubbs, Holler, NY. Died 11/11/1927. Married Harriet Lavina Weed on 7/3/1869 in NB. His parents are Russel S. Crawford and Eliza Sly.

Hall, Howard Homer, born 11/16/1844 in NB. Died 9/27/1927. Married Martha Ritter on 10/22/1874. His parents are Joseph Hall and Sarah Arnold.

Arnold, Sarah, born 1805 in NB. Died 1846 in NB. Married ? on 12/28/1826 in Harrison Co. Her parents are Simon Arnold and Prudence Webb.

Bates, John Beth, born 1883 in NB. Died 10/1902 in NB. Married Eva Galaway on 9/17/1902 in NB. His parents are Joseph Bates and Catherine Butts Brixion.