New Buffalo Birth Index
Transcribed From Original Berrien County Records
Genealogical Researcher, Kimberly Edmiston
LEGEND:  1st Col=Entry #, 2nd Col=DOB, 3rd Col=Name, 4th Col=Sex,
5th Col=Father's Name, 6th Col=Mother's Name, 7th Col=Parents' Birth Place
(may be split with a "/" to indicate different birth places),
8th Col=Occupation of Father, 9th Col (if present)=splits for Birth Place and Residence, i.e.
b=Chicago r=NB

NOTE:  All listings are of the child being born in, and the parents being
residents of, New Buffalo. Also, Column 7 is almost always the same for both
parents. If there are differences found for either of these categories,
it will be noted.
Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the content listed herein.
However, we cannot assume responsibility for absolute accuracy.
The very nature of Genealogical Research leaves a wide open door for errors,
not only in the original hand-written documents, but also the transcribing of them.
Be sure to dig deeply if you find a spelling that is even close to your search criteria.

355, June 20, William Phillips, m, John H., Mary, Mecklinburg, Laborer
356, June 17, Bertha Peo, f, John, Doris, Mecklinburg, Blacksmith
357, July 24, Louise Stuck, f, John, Catherine, Mecklinberg, Farmer
358, July 29, S. Hamann, f, August, Fnelrieka(?), Mecklenberg, Painter
359, Oct 29, Mary Hein, f, Christopher, Marie, Bavaria, Laborer
360, Oct 3, Ada M. Waldfogel, f, John, Esther S., Smineir?, Basket Maker
361, Oct 11, Florine Heritig, f, John, (can't read, starts with an F) Mecklinberg, Laborer
362, July 10, Robert Frank Siegmund, m, A.F., Anna Maria, Prussia, Farmer
263, July 30, Theresa M. Heffen, f, William, Ang (e or i)lina, Prussia, Farmer
364, Nov 21, Anna Cecelia Wiedenman, f, Michael, Francuco, Bavaria/H(e or i)ssia, Farmer
365, Mar 18, Thomas G. Butler, m, (can't read, starts with a G), Mary, America, Manufacturing
197, Sept 28, Anna Maria Catharine Kelling, f, Albert, Theodora, Germany, Cooper
198, July 18, Louise Lubke, f, Ludwig, Caroline, Germany, Mechanic
199, July 17, Louis William Marbin, m, William, Webbie, America, Farmer
200, Sept 17, Franz Richard Peo, m, John, Doris, Germany, Mechanic
201, Dec, 12, Ernst Peo, m, Ernst, Anna, Germany, Laborer
202, Sept 22, Albert Paddock, m, Irwin, Esther Ann, America, Farmer
203, Dec 17, Anna Catharina Phillips, f, John H., Mary, Germany, Laborer
204, Aug 18, Rosa Elizabetha Phippips, f, Christian, Mary, Germany, Laborer
205, May 25, Burt Phillips, m, Abram, Melania?, America, Farmer
206, Sept 3, Elizabeth Mary Rachor, f, Charles, Margaret, Germany, Laborer
207, Aug 22, William Freidrich Seigmund, m, Reinhard, Catharina or Cathanira? Germany, Farmer
208, Dec 7, Anna Louise Seigmund, f, William, Mary, Germany, Farmer
209, April 8, Ida Spading, f, Theodore, Frederika, Germany, Farmer
210, Dec 1, David Irvin Stedman, m, Daniel, Franalia?, America, Farmer
211, Nov 6, Rosa Lina Stuck, f, John, Catharina, Germany Farmer
212, Aug 20, Karl Assmuss, f, Christian, Carolina, Germany, Laborer
213, Sept 3, Clara Bell Rammer, f, Theodore, Sarah Emilie, Illinois, Farmer
214, Oct 26, Albert Beatler, m, HErmann, Wilhelmina, Prussia, Mechanic
215, Dec 27, William Berhand Clark, m, Moses M., Martha Ann, America, Physician
216, May 25, Edith Collett, f, George, Adaline, England/Michigan, Merchant
217, Nov 24, Frederick William Gerdes, m, Fredrick, Fredericke, Germany, Merchant
218, Dec 25, William Gowdy, m, William, Maria, America, Farmer
219, Dec 15, _________(blank) Henning, f, Charles, Frederika, Germany, Laborer
220, Nov 5, Edwin Thomson Hanson, m, William H., Mary Elizabeth, America, Sailor
221, Nov 21, Frank Jacob Herrmann, m, Mark, Anastasia, Germany, Farmer
222, Aug 12, Helena Helfen, f, William, Angela, Prussia, Farmer
223, July 9, Joseph Gardner James, m, Silas, Mary, America, Laborer
224, Oct 6, Ida Kruger, f, Carl, Mina, Germany, Farmer
225, Apr 11, Isabella Kruger, f, Charles, Dorothea, Germany, Laborer
226, Aug 1, Joseph W. Kingery, m, Woodson, Patience, America, Farmer
227, Sept 25, William Weidel, m, Henry H., Carolina, Germany, Carpenter
228, Oct 5, Elizabeth Wilkes, f, Edward, Harriet, England, Farmer
229, Sept 3, Augusta Waak, f, Frederick, Anna, Germany, Laborer
363, July 18, Christian Ahreus, m, Christian, Maria, Germany, Farmer
364, Oct 3, Martha Bemis, f, Charles, Elen, America, Laborer
365, (twin to 364) Oct 3, Mary Bemis, f, Charles, Elen, America, Laborer
366, Feb 25, Nora Butts, f, Isacc, Jane, New York, Farmer
367, May 23, Agnes Butts, f, Giles, Francelia, New York, Farmer
368, Oct 2, Juda Butler, f, Sadler W., Katharina, England/Ireland, Mechanic
369, Oct 25, Harry Louis Butler, m, Charles, Anna, New York, Mechanic
370, Mar 26, Mary Burdick, f, Gilbert, Delia, America, Hotel Proprietor
371, July 2, Butt Cooper, m, William, Susanna, America, Farmer
372, Mar 11 William A.J. Denell (or Deuell), m, Charles, Elizabeth Ada, New York, Farmer
373, July 25, Emma Levina Davis, f, Benjamin F., Elen, America, Farmer
374, Aug 25, Ernst Ebert, m, Frederick, Dorothea, Germany, Farmer
375, Jan 19, Eliza May Eastman, f, Dexter, Eveline, America, Farmer
376, May 11, Sarah Edinger, f, Jacob, Philipena, Germany/America, Farmer
377, Apr 5, Frank Hamann, m, Ludwig, Frederica, Germany, Farmer
378, Jan 10, Jacob Herrmann, m, Mark, Anastasia, Germany, Farmer
379, Aug 25, Emil Hans, m, Edward, Catharina, Germany, Farmer
380, Aug 26, Ida Belle Brown (colored), f, John/Sucy, Virginia, Laborer
381, Sept 29, John Caspar Hein, m, Christopher, Anna Maria, Germany, Laborer
382, Dec 1(twin) Bertha Krohn, f, Charles, Eliza, Germany, Mechanic
383, Dec 1(twin) (Died without name) Krohn, f, Charles, Eliza, Germany, Mechanic
384, Sept 20, Louis B. Lake, m, George, Sarah, America/England, Farmer
385, Feb 17, William Mang, m, Berjamin, Katharina, Germany/America, Laborer
386, June 19, (died without name) Markel, m, George, Cecilia, American, Engineer
387, July 10, Anna Mansfeld, f, Frederick, Dorothea, Germany, Laborer
388, Oct 2, Fritz Miller, M, Daniel, Mary, Germany/America, Farmer
389, Feb 3, Emma Jane Nolan, F, Augustus, Margaret, American, Farmer
390, Aug 15, Margaret Ann Nash, f, George, Sarah L., America, Farmer
391, Aug 25, Robert Spading, m, Theodore, Frederica, Germany, Farmer
392, Nov 5, Charles Siegmund, m, Adolph, Katharine, Germany, Farmer
393, Jun 14, Estelle Jane Smith, f, Newton E, Elizabeth A., America, Farmer
394, Jan 29, Reinhard Siegmund, m, Reinhard, Katharine, Germany, Farmer
395, May 24, Margaret Elizabeth Wiedemann, f, Michael, Franciska, Germany, Farmer
396, July 11, (no name) Weed, m, Everett, Mattie, Indiana, Druggist
397, Feb 18, Edward John Weimer, m, George, Elizabeth, Germany, Mechanic
398, Mar 14, Theodore George Geigler, m, George, Margarett, Germany, Mechanic, b=Chicago r=NB
231, Apr 18, Augusta, Hamann, f, August, Mary, Germany, Laborer
232, Sep 11, Ida Henry, f, George, Mary, Germany, Mechanic
233, Aug 5, Rosa Helfen, f, William, Angela, Germany, Farmer
234, Apr 13, Armin Kamm, m, Fritz, Theresia, Germany, Mechanic
235, Apr 28, Karl, Kanther, m, Fritz, Mary, Germany, Laborer
236, Oct 12, Senaoa Lake, F, George, Jane, America/England, Farmer
237, Oct 28, Heinrich Maak, m, Fritz, Mary, Germany, Laborer
238, Mar 9(twin), Louis Millard, m, Andrew, Huldah, New York, Farmer
239, Mar 9(twin), (no first name) Millard, f, Andrew, Huldah, New York Farmer
240, Nov 23, Anna Phillips, f, Christian, Mary, Germany, Mechanic
241, Nov 18, Frank Joseph Phillips, m, John, Mary, Germany, Laborer
242, Mar 19, Jessic (Jessica) Belle Nourse, f, Herry (Harry) P., Hattie P., America, Merchant
243, Nov 26, Mary Ann Reich, f, Peter, Mary Ann, France/Germany, Farmer, b=Chicago  r=NB
244, Dec 4, Florine Rosener, f, Frank, Sophie, Germany, Laborer
245, Sep 17, Frank Schutz, m, John, Anna, Germany, Laborer
246, Apr 2, Hulda Sengnitz (female illigitimate), Dorothea, Germany
247, Sept 11, Nellie Sheridan, f, John, Martha, America, Farmer
248, Apr 13, Johanna Assmuss, f, Christian, Caroline, Germany, Farmer
249, Sept 29, Kina Barchert, f, John, Maria, Germany, Laborer
250, Nov 10, Katie Butts, f, Isaac, Jane, America, Farmer
251, Nov 7, William Brotwolf, m, Sonhard, Eva M., Germany, Laborer
252, July 24, Mary Francis (either Crossby or Crosbey?), f, J. (Birny or Bimy), Cornelia Francis, NH/NY, Farmer
253, Mar 11, William A. DEnell, m, Charles A., Elizabeth A., America, Merchant
254, Sept 4, John Deviney, m, Henry L., Hannah M., America,  Farmer
255, Apr 9, Orrete Amanda Dean, f, Albert J., Mary Jane, NY, Farmer, b=New York, r=NB
256, Feb 1, Hulda Ebeling, f, Charles, Katharine, Germany, Mechanic
257, May 9, Lina Guhlsdorf, f, Fritz, Anna, Germany, Laborer
258, Oct 1, Frank Gallus, m, William, Louisa, Germany, Laborer
259, Nov 28, William Andrew Gerdes, m, Frederic, Frederica, Germany, Merchant
260, Mar 8, Frank Granzow, m, Charles, Johanna, Germany, Mechanic
261, Apr 10, Emma Garso, f, John, Mary, Canada, Mechanic
262, Oct 25, Anna Helms, f, John, Christine, Germany, Laborer
263, Oct 23, Ada Hall, f, Daniel, Emma, America, Laborer
264, Oct 6, Bernhard Carl Schwenk, m, Henry, Anna C., Germany, Farmer
265, May 8, Rosa Strnad, f, Frank, Anna, Bohemien, Mechanic
266, Jan 30, Reinhard Leonhard Siegmund, m, Reinhard, Katharine, Prussia, Farmer
267, Oct 16, Anna Wilhelmina Schroeder, f, Peter Wilhelm, Dora, Germany, Farmer
268, Aug 28, Karl Waak, m, Fritz, Amea, German, Laborer
269, Feb 28, Anna Wittenburg, f, John, Louise, Germany, Farmer
270, Jan 12, Arthur Sinclair West, m, Samuel, Mary Adeline, England/America, Merchant, b=Elmwood Ill  r=NB
204, Mar 11, Rosalla Siegmund, f, William, Maria, Germany, Farmer
205, Nov 21, Edward Sheridan, m, Elwood, Anny, IN/Iowa, Farmer, b=Three Oaks MI  r=NB
206, Oct 9, Joseph Aldolph Siegmund, m, Pseinhand (?), Katharine, Germany, Farmer
207, Jan 5, Maria Siegmund, f, Adolph, Katharine, Germany, Farmer
208, Dec 3, Jesse William Remberger, m, Abram, Ellen Caroline, IN/MI, Farmer
209, Nov 24  Peter Phillip Schallmo, m, Michael, Mary, German/Austria, Merchant
210, Mar 18, Jenny Gertz, f, Henry, Maria, Germany, Mechanic
211, Dec 19,  Clarence E Thurston, m, Washington, Harriet B., NY/America, Laborer
212, Jan 28, Lulu E. Valentine, f, Julius S, Lottie E, America, Minister of the Gospel, b=Watervliet MI r=NB
213, Mar 23, Joseph Otto Wiedemann, m, Michel, Francisca, Germany, Farmer
214, Jan 30, Carl Westphal, m, Peter, Anna, Germany, Laborer
215, Jan 17, Maria Anna Wiemer, f, George, Elizabetha, Germany, Mechanic
216, Jan10, Martin Bick, m, Martin, Anna, Germany, Fisherman
217, Apr 20, William Butts, m, Albert, Louise, NY/Germany, Farmer
218, Oct 20, Gertrude Bunce, f, Martin, Harriet, America, Farmer, b=Jackson Co   r=NB
219, Jan 2, Sarah Edinger, f, Charles, Hahanna, PA/IN, Farmer
220, Sep 25, Ina Ebert, f, Fritz, Dorothea, Germany, Farmer
221, Feb 5, John Phillip Edinger, m, Jacob, Phillipena, PA/NB, Hotel Proprietor
222, Mar 1, Otto Freckmann, m, Bernio, Maria, Germany, Mechanic, b=Chicago  r=NB
223, Aug 16, Lilly Gowdy, f, Franklin, Mary A., NY, Farmer
224, May 3, William Glassender, m, John, Regina, NY/Germany, Farmer
225, Mar 6, Peter Homerding, m, Jacob, Maria, Germany, Taylor
226, Jun 6, Philipene Hartmann, f, Hass, Katharine, Germany, Laborer  
227, Nov 30, Christian Friedrich Edward Haus, m, Edward, Katharine, Germany, Mechanic
228, Mar 22, Clara Johanna Hoch, f, Johann Georg, Christina Beata, Germany, Minister of the Gospel
229, Aug 12, Laura Hamann, f, Louis, Frederica, Germany, Laborer
230, Oct 25, Adaline Jena, f, Anthony, Lizzy, Canada, Farmer, b=Sodus MI  r=NB
231, Sept 17, Otto Kruger, m, Charles L, Mina, Germany, Farmer
232, Dec 14, Charles Augustine Butler, m, Charles E, Annie J, NY/VA, Baggage Master
233, Aug 3, Mary Kingry?, f, Woodson, Patience, NY, Farmer
234, Aug 16, Ernst Krohn, m, Cark, Elizabetha, Germany, Mechanic
235, Jan 20, Ellen Maria T. Kruger, f, Charles, Dollie, German/America, Merchant
236, July 30, Hattie Lafferty, f, Julius, Menenda, Indiana, Farmer, b=Springville IN  r=NB
237, Oct 10, Frank Mansfeld, m, Frederick, Dorothea, Germany, Laborer
238, Mar 11, Helene Muller, f, Daniel, Helene, Germany/Three Oaks MI, Farmer
239, Oct 9, Alfred Nuerburger, m, Niclas, Mary, Germany, Laborer
240, Dec 1, Jay V. Phillips, m, Abram J, Malvina, NY, Farmer
241, Aug 16, (Still born) Peo, m, Ernst, Anna, Germany, Laborer
242, Jan 7, Fanny Elizabeth Palmer, f, Edgar, Mary, NB/IN, Farmer
243, Jan 6, Anna Maria Rachon, f, Charles, Margaret, Germany, Laborer
244, Mar 26, Mary Lee Sherman, f, Eliaser, Gertrude, America, School Teacher
245, May 1   Arthur E. Stoner, m, Amos D., Mary A., MI, Laborer
246, May 26, Thomas Chester Shanley, m, Thomas, Mary Emeline, Ireland/America, Laborer
247, Mar 7, Frank Spading, m, Theodore, Frederica, Germany, Farmer
180, June 7, Joseph Herrmann, m, Mark, Anastasia, Prussia, Farmer
181, Jan 24, Edward Frank Joyal, m, Louis, Emelia, Canada, Farmer
182, Oct 25, Anna Jung, f, Jacob, Mary, Bavaria, Laborer
183, July 4, Bernhard Kruger, m, Christian, Louise, Prussia, Farmer
184, Apr 18, Alma Ida J. Kamm, f, Fritz, Theresa, Prussia/Saxon Europe, Mechanic
185, Apr 5, Adelbert H. Kelling, m, Albert, Ida, Prussia/Holstein Europe, Merchant
186, May 12, Melvin Lake, m, George W., Jane, NY/England, Farmer
187, Feb 5, Isaac McCallum, m, Neil, Catharine, Scotland/Ireland, Laborer
188, Mar 11, Mary Millard, f, Andrew, Hulda, NY, Farmer
189, Aug 25, (no name-still born)Murphy, (m or f ?), Thomas, Margareth, Ireland, Laborer
190, Aug 8, Sarah Nash, f, George, Sarrah S., England, Farmer
191, Nov 15, (no name-still born) Peo, m, Ernst, Anna, Prussia, Laborer
192, Jan 1, Ludwig Pflughauft, m, Fritz, Louise, Prussia, Mechanic
193, Mar 17, Christina Frederica Reimer, f, Christopher Emuel, Talea Christina, Wurtenberg/Bavaria, Minister of Gospel
194, Nov 11, Soffie B. Reynolds, f, Jay, Kittie M., Michigan, Freight Agent
195, July 23, Eugene Emerson Smith, m, Newton E., Augusta E.A., Virginia/Adrien Co MI, Farmer
196, Apr 29, Elizabeth Wilhelmina Seigmond, f, William, Mary, Prussia, Farmer
197, Oct 16, John Henry Schroeder, m, Peter William, Doris, Hanover/Holstein, Farmer
198, Apr 7, Maria Christine Schultz, f, Clause Henry, Anna Margaretha, Holstein, Farmer
199, Jan 6, Louise Stuck, f, Hans, Katharina, Prussia, Farmer
200, May 19, Fritz Siegmond, m, Adolph, Katharine, Prussia/Bavaria, Farmer
201, Sept 23, Charles Frederick Schwenk, m, John, Barbara, Berrien Co MI/Indiana, Farmer
202, July 5, Rosa Spading, f, Theodor, Frederica, Prussia/Mecklenburg, Farmer
203, Feb 14, Emma Smith, f, Andrew, Georgiana, England/Indiana, Laborer
204, Mar 14, Hermann Walker, m, John W., Mina (?), Prussia, Laborer
205, Sept 5, Adolph Johann C. Wittenburg, m, John, Louise, Mecklenburg, Farmer
206, Sept 22, William Wakk, m, Fritz, Anna, Mecklenburg, Laborer
207, Aug 30, Frederick Weigel, m, Henry C., Caroline, Hessia/Prussia, Merchant
208, Oct 24, Ludwig Maak, m, Fritz, Mary, Prussia, Laborer
209, May 23, Frank Sũbke, m, Ludwig, Caroline, P(e or o)ria, Mechanic
210, Mar 4, Wilheim Carl Assmuss, m, Christian, Caroline, Mecklenburg, Farmer
211, Sept 2, Ella Ahreus, f, Christian, Mary, Mecklenburg, Farmer
212, Aug 24, George Albert Bunce, m, Franklin, Isabella, NY, Farmer
213, Aug 25, Della M. Beckwith, f, Edgar, Louise, America, Farmer
214, Aug 7, Francis Burris, f, Robert, Martha, Ireland, Farmer
216, Apr 20, Mary Cross, f, John, Sarah, Ill/NY, Machinist
217, Jan 11, Netta Rebecca Crosby, f, Josiah B., Cornelia, MI, Farmer
218, Mar 12, John Alexander Clark, m, Moses M., Martha A., Carroll Co Ohio/Stark Co Ohio, Physician
219, June 6, Edwin Alexander Denell, m, Charles, Elizabeth A., Canada/Michigan, Merchant
220, Feb 18, Charles Joseph Donnelly, m, Charles, Mary, Ireland, Laborer, b=Silvercreek MI  r=NB
221, Sept 22, Augusta Geertz, f, Henry, Mary, Germany, Laborer
222, July 27, Emma Guhlstorf, f, Fritz, Anna, Prussia, Laborer
223, Feb 5, Anna Maria Hallus, f, William, Louise, Prussia, Merchant
224, May 28, Lizzie Granzow, f, Charles, Johanna, Mecklenburg, Mechanic
225, Aug 30, Augusta Helms, f, John, Christine, Prussia, Laborer
226, Dec 16, (no name) Horn, m, Christian, Maria Magdolena, Holstein, Farmer
655, Jan 14, Charles Bullen, m, Charles, Amanda, NY, Cabinet Maker, b=NB, r=Buchanan
218, Jan 16, James Franklin Garland, m, Benjamin, Elizabeth Mathilda, MI/ILL, Farmer
219, Feb 10, Alice Glavin, f, John, Ellen, Ireland, Farmer
220, Apr 7, George D. H. N. Hall, m, Daniel, Emma, NY/Mass, Laborer
221, Dec 1, (no name) Horn, m, Christain, Maria, Germany, Farmer
222, Sept 4, Gustav Heinrieh Heinrieh, m, George, Mary, Germany, Carpenter & Farmer
223, Jan 5, Anna Jurig, f, Jacob, Mary, Germany, Farmer
224, Nov 6, Basiliska Jern, f, Anthony, Louisa, Canada (Brit), Farmer
225, May 24, Laura Kruger, f, Charles, Dorothea, Germany, Merchant
226, Nov 15, Martha Kruger, f, Charles L., Mina L., MI, Hotel Proprietor
227, May 9, Jayson Knight, m, David, Alice, MI/ILL, Machinist
228, Sept 22, Otto Albin Koth, m, Frank, Augusta Wilhilmina, Germany, Farmer
229, Mar 18, Frank Ludwig Lubke, m, Ludwig, Caroline, Germany, Mechanic
230, June 23, Eva McCarten, f, Thomas, Jane, Canada (Brit), Farmer
231, Oct 28, Arthur Millard, m, Andrew, Hulda, NY, Farmer
232, Feb 8, Emma Mina Neverburg, f, Nicholas, Mary, Germany, Laborer
233, May 16, Don Nourse, m, Henry P., Hattie P., Mass/Virginia, Laborer
234, Apr 6, Otto Rosener, m, Frank, Sophia, Germany, Mechanic
235, Mar 15, Eva Marie Brothwolf, f, Leonard, Eva M., Germany, Laborer
236, Aug 28, Christian Assmuss, m, Christian, Caroline, Germany, Farmer
237, Oct 5, Wilhelom Becker, m, Carl, Christine, Mecklenburg, Laborer
238, Feb 14, Minnie J. Butts, f, Giles, Francelia, NY/MI, Farmer
239, Oct 24, Clair Bunce, m, Martin, , Harriet, NY/MI, Farmer
240, June 19, Elizabeth Constantina, f, Phelix, Adeline, Canada (Brit), Farmer
241, Nov 20, Harry Crosby, m, Joseph B., Cornelia, MI, Farmer
242, Sept 23, Howard Clark, m, Moses M., Martha A., Ohio, Physician
243, June 6, Mariette Denell, f, Joseph A., Mary Ann, Canada/MI, Farmer
244, Sept 17, Edward F. Davis, m, Benjamin F., Ellen Eliza, IN/MI, Farmer
245, Sept 8, Mary Donnally, f, Charles, Kate, Ireland, Laborer
246, Aug 18, Sarah E. Edinger, f, Philip, Augusta, IN/MI, Farmer
247, Mar 22, Adam Daniel Edinger, m, Jacob L., Philipina, IN/NY, Farmer
248, Oct 16, Augusta Ida Ewald, f, August, Albertine, Germany, Laborer
249, Nov 27, George Henry Fenling, m, Leonard, Magdalina, Germany, Cabinet Maker
250, Oct 7, Caroline Bertha L. Gallas, f, William, Louisa, Germany, Laborer
251, Nov 1, Charles, Guhlsdorf, m, Fredrick, Anna, Germany, Laborer
252, Jan 9, Ellen Jane Rachor, f, Charles, Margarette, Germany, Laborer
253, Sept 20, Hattie May Renbarger, f,  Abram, Ellen, MI, Farmer
254, May 23, Christian Thomas Phillips, m, Christian, Mary, Germany, Shoe Maker
255, Nov 15, Stella Barbary Shanley, f, Thomas, Mary Amelia, Ireland/Ohio, Engineer
256, Dec 14, Maria Spading, f, Theadore, Frederieu(?), Germany, Farmer
257, Sept 19, Benjamin F. Ligmund, m, Reinhardt, Catharina, Germany, Farmer
259, May 2, Charles Lengnitz, m(Illigitimate), Anna, Germany
260, Aug 11, Carl Johann Schultz, m, Claus Henry, Anna Margaretta, Germany, Farmer
261, Dec 2, Frank Struad(funky line over the u), m, Frank, Anna, Bohemia, Cabinet Maker
262, Dec 7, Grace Elizabeth Sherman, f, Eleazar, Gertrude, NY/Missouri, School Teacher
263, Nov 8, George Siegmund, m, William, Anna Maria, Germany, Farmer
264, Mar 15, Katharina Schutz, f, John, Anna, Germany, Laborer
265, Nov 25, Ella Schroeder, f, Wm(probably William), Mary, Germany, Laborer
266, Dec 20, Friemont Schroeder, m, Fritz, Mary, Germany, Laborer
267, Aug 7, Franziska Maria Wiedemann, f, Michael, Franziska, Germany, Farmer
268, Mar 18, Anna Lina Wagner, f, Henry, Augusta, Germany, Farmer
269, Dec 2, Joseph Mathias Weimer, m, George, Elizabeth, Germany, Builder
673, Feb 27, Edna Maud Clark, f, Gev, Elizabeth, Ohio/NY, Laborer, b=NB, r=St. Joseph
(Photo copy placed in the back of a book) born Nov 23, 1871 in New Buffalo,   Angela Margaret Phillips, f
Christian age 40, Mary Cecelia (Weimer) age 30, Germany, Feed Merchant/Housewife, 
Number of children to this mother 6, Number of living children 3.
226, Aug 24, George H. Constantine, m, Gabriel, Elizabeth, Canada/NY, Laborer, b=NB, r=Chikaming
478, July 7, Daniel Muller, m, Daniel, (can't read), Europe/NY, Farmer
479, Aug 3, David F. By(e or c)tman, m, David, Elizabeth, Ontario/MI, Farmer
480, Apr 28, Louis Timm, m, Charles, Mary, Europe, R.R.Hand
481, Dec 19, Fremont Schroader, m, Fritz, Mary, Europe, Turner
482, Sept 30, Fred Helms, m, John, Sophia, Europe, Laborer
483, Nov 29, Lillie Weigle, f, Henry C., Lena, Europe, Carpenter
484, Sept 3, Amelia Noll, f, Edward, Anna, Europe, Shoemaker
485, Nov 11, John Peo, m, John, Sophia, Europe, Hotel Keeper & Blacksmith
486, Sept 12, Eugene Albert Denell, m, Charles, Elizabeth A., Ontario/NY, unknown
487, Oct 26, Robert H. Augustine, m, Henry, Frances, Europe/IN, Farmer
488, Oct 30, Lena Hartman, f, Hans, Catharine, Europe, Farmer
489, July 18, William Evert, m, Henry, Augusta, Europe, Farmer
490, Mar 19, Catharine Siegmund, f, Adolph, Catharine, Europe, Farmer
534, May 20, John D. Cross, m, John, Anna, Canada/NY, Farmer
535, Mar 29, Elizabeth Edinger, f, Jacob, Philipina, IN/NY, Farmer
536, Mar 28, Morris Glavin, m, John M., Allen, Ireland/Scotland, Farmer
537, July 14, Augustus Haus, m, Edward, Catharine, Germany, Farmer
538, Sept 21, Franz Henry Koth, m, Frank, Augusta, Germany, Farmer
539, Aug 9, Rosa Wideman, f, Mikel, Franeika, Germany, Farmer
540, Sept 28, Hattie Davis, f, B.F., Eliza, IN/NJ, Farmer
541, Oct 15, Allen M. Commins, f, James, Anna, Canada/England, Farmer
542, Jan 15, Jacob M. Denel, m, Joseph J., Mary, Ontario/MI, Farmer
543, May 9, Edward J. Butts, m, Albert, Louisa, NY/MI, Laborer
544, Apr 12, James Murray, m, John, Amanda, NY, Farmer
545, June 13, Albert Spading, m, Theodore, Frederika, Germany, Farmer
546, Mar 26, Robert Siegmund, m, William, Mary, Germany, Farmer
547, Apr 24, (still born) Horn, m, Christian, Mary, Germany, Farmer
548, Sept 16, Henry Siegmund, m, Adolph, Mary, Germany, Farmer
549, Oct 10, Mathias F. Siegmund, m, Reinhard, Catharine, Germany, Farmer
550, Oct 30, Clemens Siegmund, m, Fred, Anna, Germany, Farmer
551, Mar 17, Lina Westphal, f, Peter, Anna, Germany, Laborer
552, Oct 28, Louis Granzow, m, Charles, Sophia, Germany, Carpenter
553, Apr 5, Louis Gallas, m, William, Louisa, Germany, Laborer
554, Oct 16, Martha Clark, f, Moses M., Martha, Ohio, Physician
555, July 13, Marianna Allen, f, Daniel, Josephine, Canada/PA, Farmer
556, Nov 9, Maud McCollum, f, Neil, Catharine, Scotland/England, Sailor
557, Feb 7, Rose Homerding, f, Jacob, Mary, Germany, Taylor
558, Dec 9, Minna Granzow, f, John, Mary, Germany, Turner
559, Jan 15, Hugo Schott, m, Augustus, Wilhelmina, Germany, Laborer
560, Nov 10, Mary Phillips, f, Christian, Mary, Germany, Shoemaker
561, May 21, C.T. Denbridge, m, James, Dora, NY/MI, R.R. Man
562, Mar 1, Leonard Lubke, m, Ludwig, Caroline, Germany, Wagon Maker
563, Sept 16, Ana Schulz, f, C. Henry, Anna, Germany, Farmer
564, Dec 26, Joseph Rousner, m, Frank, Sophia, Germany, Farmer
565, Aug 22, Lincoln Schroeder, m, Fred, Mary, Germany, Turner
566, Dec 1, William Swimm, m, William, Mary, MI/Ireland, Laborer
187, Jan 6, John Kreiger, m, Charles, Dorothea, Germany, Merchant
188, Jan 30, Sophia Guhlstoff, f, Fritz, Anna, Germany, Laborer
189, Oct 15, (still born) Devimey, m, Henry L., Hannah M., Ohio, Farmer
190, Oct 3, William J. Bush, m, Sylvinus, Margaret M., NY, Laborer
191, Oct 21, Anna Conley, f, John, Rebecca, MI/Ohio, Engineer
192, Sept 12, (still born) Gosling, f, George, Elizabeth, NY/OH, Minister
193, Apr 19, Ray E. Weed, m, George, Marion, IN, Merchant
194, May 1, Elizabeth R. Bliss, f, Hubbard S., Adele M., NY/IN, Engineer
195, Jan 30, Minna Ewald, f, August, Albertine, Germany, Laborer
196, Dec 21, Jennie Ahrens, f, Christian, Maria, Germany, Farmer
197, Apr 13, Margaret Bennett, f, Daniel, Clara, MI/IN, Farmer
198, Apr 12, Henry Miller, m, Daniel, Lena, Germany/MI, Farmer
199, Dec 29, Mary Baldauf, f, Jacob, Louise, Germany/IN, Farmer
200, Dec 5, William Schroeder, m, William, Wilhelmina, Germany, Laborer
201, Jan 5, Alewin Noll, m(Illegitimate), John Gotleib, Anna Noll, Germany, Laborer
202, Nov 10, Ennel A. Ely, f, Charles, Ellen, IN, Laborer
203, Sept 2, Maria Weigel, f, Henry C., Caroline, Germany, Mechanic
204, Sept 16, Anna Schultz, f, Hurly, Anna M., Germany, Farmer
205, May 5, John W. Nash, m, George, Sarah L., England/America, Farmer
206, Dec 19, Frederick Weigel, m, George, Barbara, Germany, Farmer
207, Mar 30, Henry Ebert, m, Henry, Ellen, MI, Merchant
208, Jan 1, Caroline Brodwolf, f, Leonard, Eva, Germany, Laborer
209, May11, Amay Hauger, m, Henry, Mary M., PA, Laborer
210, July 17, Joseph, A. Rich, m, Martin, Lena, Germany/IN, Laborer
211, Sept 2, Fritz Waa(k or h), m, Fritz, Anna, Germany, Laborer
212, June 14, Anna Hora, f, Christian, Sena, Germany, Farmer
213, Mar 14, Alvir(a?) Trimm, f, Charles, Mary, Germany, Laborer
214, Feb 20, Minnie H. Guhl, f, William, Maria,  Germany, Laborer
215, Mar 15, Louise Peo, f, John, Sophie, Germany, Mechanic
216, Sept 26, Frederick Wetterau, m, Ernst, Louise, Germany, Mechanic
217, Sept 15, Clara G. Weimer, f, George, Louise, Germany, Mechanic
218, June 25, Maria Renberger, f, Abram, Ellen, MI, Farmer
219, May 1, Elmer H. Becktell, m, Elkanah, Isabella, IN/MI, Farmer
220, Feb 5, John F. Roots, m, William, Esther, NY, Laborer
221, May 16, John Joyal, m, Louis, Emilie, Canada, Farmer
222, Mar 5, Edward Rau, m, John P, Elizabeth, Germany, Farmer
223, Dec 7, James McAllister, m, Charles, Jeannette, Scotland.Canada, Sailor
224, July 27, Henry D. Nolan, m, Augustus, Margaret, Ohio/Georgia, Farmer
225, Oct 19, Mary J. Wildrich, f, John, Emma, ILL, Laborer
226, Aug 27, Hattie Smith, f, Newton E., Augusta, VA, Farmer
227, June 28, Emma Kelling, f, Albert, Theodora, Germany/Holstein, Merchant
228, none, E??ela Schneider, f, Charles, Francis, Germany/MI, Farmer, b=Michigan City IN, r=NB
229, Nov 1, Louise C. Stanger, f, Johannes, Louise, Wurtenberg, Clergyman
230, Nov 29, Ernst Spading, m, Theodore, Frederika, Germany, Laborer
231, Oct 8, Augusta Hamam, f, Fritz, Frederika, Germany, Laborer
232, Mar 6, Carl Hartman, m, Hans, Katharina, Germany, Laborer
233, Sept 27, James Cross, m, John, Sarah, Canada/Ind, Mechanic
234, Mar 12, John S. Hutton, m, Thomas, Ellen, Scotland/America, Farmer
235, Feb 27, Alida Bothwell, f, Clem, Eugenia, America/VA, Laborer
236, Jun 6, Nathaniel Tyler, m, Leroy, Alice, MI/Iowa, Farmer
237, Nov 26, Marvin J. Hood, m, Marvin, Estella, Ohio.MI, Telegraph Operator
238, May 31, Fritz Assmass (Assmuss), m, Christian, Mary, Germany, Farmer
239, July 3, Richard L. Dunk, m, David, Catherine E., Eng/IN, Laborer
240, Oct 5, George Hein, m, Christopher, Anna, Germany, Farmer, b=Three Oaks MI, r=NB
296, Apr 10, Frank Spefford, m, Lyly, Lissie, NY, Farmer  (See NB birth year 1878 entry#254)
297, Nov 9, Arthur (Kasim or Krimm?), m, Fritz, Theresa, Germany, Merchant
298, Aug 11, August Rosner, m, Frank, Sophia, Germany, Laborer
299, May 1, Erion (Aaron) Schroeder, m, Fritz, Mary, Germany, Carpenter
300, Apr 4, Mary Gertz, f, Harry, Mary, Germany, Carpenter
301, May 18, Agnes Gerdes, f, Frederick, Fredericka, Germany, Merchant
302, Dec 11, , Mary Hartman, f, Hans, Katharina, Germany, Laborer
303, Feb 20, Caroline Spaulding, f, Theodore, Frederika, Germany, Farmer
304, Dec 22, Frederick Weigel, m, George, Barbare, Germany, Farmer
305, June 18, William B. Quantrell, m, Benjamin, Alveratta, IN/ENG, Farmer
306, Dec 14, Clara Edinger, f, Jacob, Phillipina, IN/NY, Farmer
307, Nov 29, Thomas Glavin, m, John M., Ellen, IRE/Scotland, Farmer
308, Feb 24, Magarett (Margarett?) Garland, f, Peter, Elizabeth, IN/NY, Farmer
309, Apr 10, John Glosseneler, m, John, Regina, CT/Germany, Farmer
310, Apr 10, Jacob Mangold, m, George, Louise, NY/MI, Germany
311, Oct 10, David Denel, m, David, Jane, , , ?, , , , ?, , , , , b=Chickaming, r=NB
312, Jan 1, John Olson, m, John, Mary, MI/Norway, R.R.
313, Apr 6, Howard Mervin, m, Marshal, Carry, NY/MI, Farmer
314, Aug 6, William Ryckman, m, David, Elizabeth, Canada.MI, Laborer
315, Nov 8, Willhelmina Stube, f, John, Sophia, Germany, Farmer
316, Jun 23, Carl D. Schultz, m, Henry, Anna, Germany, Farmer
317, Nov 29, Mary Rachner, f, Charles, Margaret, Germany, Farmer
318, Aug 20, William Voitel, m, William, Eliza, Germany, R.R.
319, May 3(twin), William Nierburger, m, Niclous, Mary, Germany, Laborer
320, May 3(twin), Carl Nierburger, m, Niclous, Mary, Germany, Laborer
321, Feb 13, Mina Gallas, f, William, Louise, Germany, Laborer
322, Mar 28, Lewis Helms, m, John, Christina, Germany, Laborer
323, Nov 12, Herbert (Samuel) Knight (someone inked in Samuel)  m, David, Alice, NY/ILL, R.R.
324, Apr 11, Albert Swimm (or George Ebert Schwiem-penned in), m, Niclous, Sarah, MI, Laborer
325, Mar 3, Nelly L. Ratcliff, f, Henry, Hester, ILL, Farmer, b=ILL, r=NB
326, July 28, Mathew F. Seigmund, m, Reinhard, Katharina, Germany, Farmer
327, Nov 15, John Seigmund, m, Fritz, Anna, Germany, Farmer
328, Apr 16, Anna Seigmund, f, Adolph, Katharina, Germany, Farmer
329, July 3, John R. Schwenk, m, John, Barbara, NY/OH, Farmer
330, June 30, Eliza Koth, f, Frank, Augusta, Germany, Farmer
331, July 6, George D. Morse, m, William, Mary, Ohio/MI, Farmer
332, June 14, John H. Crosby, m, Josiah B., Cornelia, NH/NY, Farmer
232, May 22, Minna (or Minnie) Hahman, f, Gritz, Mina, Germany, Laborer
233, Oct 9, Hatty Conley, f, John, Rebecca, MI/OH, R.R.
234, Aug 6, Elly Phillips, f, Christian, Mary, Germany, Shoemaker
235, Sep 30, George R. Weed, f, George R., Maria A. NY, Druggist
236, Nov 3, William H. Baxter, m, Henry, Mary, MI/Germany, Laborer
237, Feb 19, Louis Guhlstorf(f), m, Fritz, Anna, Germany, Laborer
238, June 2, George Jung, m, Jacob, Mary, Germany, Farmer
239, Dec 25, Caroline (Waack?), f, Fritz, Anna, Germany, Laborer
240, Sept 19, Charles Timm, m, Charles, Mary, Germany, Laborer
241, Nov 16, John Erbert, m, Henry M., Allen (says Allen), Germany/MI, Merchant
242, Mar 24, Harry Denell, m, Charles, Elizabeth, Canada/MI, Laborer
243, May 18, Earl McKinney, m, Thomas, Ida, MI/Ohio, R.R.
244, Nov 7, Augusta Plughauft, f, Louis, Mary, Germany, Laborer
245, Apr 13, Abram I. Phillips, m, Abram J., Milvany, NY, Tanner
246, July 17, Mary Roberts, f, Henry H., Anna, Mass/NC, R.R.
247, Feb 21, Louis Weigel, m, Henry C., Lina, Germany, Carpenter
248, Feb 20, Anna Edinger, f, Phillip, Augusta, IN/Germany, Farmer
249, Oct 15, James D. Morehouse, m, Sanford, Cary, MI/NY, Hotel Keeper
250, Oct 19, Augusta Ewald, f, Augustus, Albertine, Germany, Laborer
251, Nov 10, Nellie Thurston, f, Charles, Lina, MI/Germany, Laborer
252, Jan 25, Helenor Marr, f, Mat(?), Mary, Germany/IN, Farmer
253, Oct 31, Hattie Kruger, f, Charles, Dorothea, Germany, Merchant
254, July 16, S. May Spofford (Spefford?), f, Lysander, Lisa, NY, Farmer (see birth 1877 entry#296)
255, Dec 22, James (A. or H.) Becktell, m, Sylvester, Mina, IN/MI, Farmer
256, Mar 11, Peter Hogan, m, Henry, Mary, Germany/PA, Farmer
257, Dec 15, Oscar L. Quantrell, m, Henry, Louise, Ohio, Sailor
258, Dec 18, Charles McAllister, m, Charles, Jane, Shetland/Canada, Sailor
259, Dec 13, Anna, Ely, f, Charles, Ellen, MI/IN, Laborer
260, Oct 16, Adolph Siegmund (Adam-wrote in later), m, Adolph, Katharina, Germany, Farmer
261, Apr 14, Mary Muller, f, Daniel, Lina, Germany/ILL, Farmer
262, none  ,Omer Wilcox, m, Albert, Martha, OH/MI, Farmer
263, Oct 14, Louis Baldoff, m, Jacob, Louise, Germany/MI, Farmer
264, May 20, Francisca McCarten, f, Thomas, Lisa, Canada, Farmer
265, May 26, Edwin John, m, Gotlieb, Anna, Poland/Germany, Shoemaker